A drive shaft, also known as a propeller shaft, is a mechanical component used in vehicles to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. It is commonly found in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles.

The drive shaft connects the transmission or transfer case of the vehicle to the differential, which in turn powers the wheels. It consists of a tubular metal shaft with universal joints at each end. The universal joints allow for flexibility and compensate for the up-and-down movement of the suspension while transmitting torque.

The main purpose of the drive shaft is to transmit rotational power from the engine to the wheels, allowing the vehicle to move forward or backward. It operates by converting the rotary motion of the engine into linear motion at the wheels.

It is important to ensure that the drive shaft is properly balanced and aligned to prevent vibrations and excessive wear. Regular maintenance, including lubrication and inspection for any signs of damage or wear, is necessary to ensure optimal performance and safety.In summary, the drive shaft plays a crucial role in transferring power from the engine to the wheels, enabling the vehicle to move.

43430-0K020 KUN25   海拉克斯 43430-0K070 KUN125 GUN125 GGN125/135   新款海拉克斯 REVO 15- 43430-35030 VZJ9# RZJ9#   3400 43430-60060 GRJ120 RZJ120   霸道4000 43430-60080 GRJ150   新霸道 43412-60110 FZJ80 FJ80 43411-60090 4500 43430-60040 UZJ100 HDJ100  ATM   4700 43430-60050 FZJ100 HDJ100  MTM 43430-60070 UZJ200 URJ200   5700 43420-06700 ACV4#   ES240 43410-06670 凯美瑞 新款凯美瑞2.0  43420-06730 新款凯美瑞2.0  ACV51 43410-06820 ASV50 43420-06A00 新款凯美瑞 2.5 43420-33200 ACV30 43410-33240 佳美2.4 43420-28030 ACR30   ATM 43410-28030 大霸王 43420-02670/02D90 ZRE152 2ZRFE(1.8) 20:26齿 43410-02630/12760 卡罗拉1.8  雷凌 ZRE18# 43420-02660 ZRE151 1ZRFE(1.6) 43410-02620 卡罗拉1.6 43420-12660/12590 ZZE122  43410-12720 花冠  43420-02690 ZRE120 1ZRFE 43410-02640 08花冠 1.6 43420-0E060 ASU40    RX270 43410-0E070 汉兰达2.7  RX270 43420-0E040 GSU45 43410-0E050 汉兰达3.5 43420-0D050 AXP4#  MTM 43410-0D240 老威驰          手波 43420-0D060 AXP4#  ATM  43410-0D250 老威驰         自波 43410-0D120 NCP42 43420-0D120 威驰  1.5 43410-0D430 14威驰  NCP15# 43420-0D420 14威驰  NCP15# 43410-0D310 雅力士 1.6 43420-0D230 雅力士 1.6 43410-0D300 雅力士 1.3 43420-0D220 雅力士 1.3 43420-0R060 ACA37 1AZFE(2.0) 自波 43410-0R060 RAV4(2.0)   自波 43420-0R070 ACA33 2AZFE(2.4) 自波 43410-0R080 RAV4(2.4)  自波 43410-0R070 RAV4(2.4)  手波 43420-0R050 RAV4(2.4)  手波 43410-0R050 RAV4(2.0)  手波 43420-0R050 RAV4(2.0)  手波 43410-0R110 14年RAV4  ZSA42 2.0 CVT(无极变速) 43410-0R130 14年RAV4  ZSA44 20*26 ATM 43420-0R100 14年RAV4  ZSA42/44 24*26 2.0 CVT(无极变速) 43410-0R120 14年RAV4  ZSA42 2.0 MTM 6速  2驱 43420-0R110 14年RAV4  ZSA42 2.0 MTM 24*30 6速 2驱 43410-0R140 14年RAV4  ZSA44 2.5  24*30ATM 43420-0R120 14年RAV4  ZSA44 2.5   ATM 43410-06670 凯美瑞 新款凯美瑞2.0  43420-06730 新款凯美瑞2.0  ACV51 43410-06820 ASV50 43420-06A00 新款凯美瑞 2.5 43410-0D430 14威驰  NCP15# 43420-0D420 14威驰  NCP15# 3815A307VT 三菱 L200 3815A308VT 三菱 L200 PP042550XA 福特 皮卡RANGER PP042560XA 福特 皮卡RANGER   42311-0K090 VIGO 42311-60240 GRJ120 RZJ120  霸道4000 42311-60242 GRJ150  新款霸道 42312-60080 FZJ80 42311-60090 4500(鼓刹) 42302-60901 UZJ100 FZJ100 42301-60901 4700(碟刹) 42301-60030 GRJ200  UZJ200  5700 42311-26290 KZD20# TRH20# LH20#  海狮 42311-26300 KDH21/22 TRH21# /22# 海狮 42330-42050 RAV4 ACA3# 42340-0E030  d  42330-0N021 皇冠 锐志 GRS182 GRX122 42340-0N021 皇冠 锐志 GRS182 GRX122 42311-60101 FJ80   FZJ80 42312-60091 4500(碟刹)

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