48069-60040 ARM FOR PRADO TOYOTA OE NO.4806860040



An auto control arm, also known as an upper control arm or lower control arm, is a component of a vehicle’s suspension system. It plays a critical role in maintaining proper wheel alignment, controlling the movement of the wheels, and providing stability and handling characteristics.

Control arms are typically made of strong, durable materials such as forged steel or aluminum. They are designed to withstand the forces and impacts encountered during normal driving conditions. A vehicle usually has both upper and lower control arms, which work together to control the motion and positioning of the wheels.

The control arms are connected to the vehicle’s chassis at one end and to the wheel hub or knuckle at the other end. They are equipped with bushings or ball joints that allow for smooth articulation and suspension travel. These components provide flexibility while maintaining stability and precise control over the wheel movements.

Over time, control arms can wear out or become damaged due to factors like continuous stress, road conditions, or accidents. Signs of worn or faulty control arms may include vibrations, clunking noises, uneven tire wear, or changes in the vehicle’s handling.

If any issues with the control arms are detected, it is essential to have them inspected and, if necessary, replaced by a qualified technician. Proper installation and alignment of control arms are crucial for ensuring the safety and optimal performance of the suspension system.

It’s worth noting that there are specific types of control arms depending on the suspension design and vehicle make and model. Examples include double-wishbone suspension control arms, MacPherson strut control arms, or multi-link control arms. Each type has its own unique configuration and function within the suspension system.

48068-02180 ZRE152
48068-02230 ZRE120
48068-09060 AXP4
48068-09190 NSP15
48068-0R020 ACA3
48068-35080 RZJ90
48068-59095 NSP92
48068-60010 GRJ120
48068-60030 GRJ200
48068-60040 GRJ150
48068-60051 GRJ150
48069-02180 ZRE152
48069-02230 ZRE120
48069-09060 AXP4
48069-09180 NSP15
48069-0E030 GSU45 ASU40
48069-0R020 ACA3
48069-35080 RZJ90
48069-59095 NSP92
48069-60010 GRJ120
48069-60030 GRJ200
48069-60040 GRJ150 (低配
48069-60051 GRJ150 (高配
48075-0N010 GRS182
48076-0N010 GRS182


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