48610-60030 48630-60010 control arm LC100

control arm LC100 FZJ100 UZJ100 LX470 HDJ100

land cruiser  100


Auto control arms, also known as suspension control arms or A-arms, are crucial components of a vehicle’s suspension system. They play a vital role in supporting the weight of the vehicle, controlling the movement of the wheels, and maintaining proper alignment.

Control arms typically consist of a metal frame or arm with mounting points at both ends. One end attaches to the vehicle’s chassis or subframe, while the other end connects to the steering knuckle or wheel hub assembly. This allows the control arm to pivot and move in response to bumps, road irregularities, and steering inputs.Supporting the Weight: Control arms bear the weight of the vehicle and provide structural support.Wheel Movement Control: They help control the vertical movement of the wheels, allowing them to move up and down in response to road conditions while maintaining stability and minimizing vibrations.Suspension Alignment: Control arms contribute to maintaining proper suspension alignment, which ensures predictable handling, tire wear, and optimal performance.sorbing Impact: By incorporating bushings and ball joints, control arms absorb shocks and vibrations, enhancing ride comfort and reducing noise.

When it comes to replacing control arms, it is essential to consider the quality of the components. As mentioned earlier, OEM or reputable aftermarket brands are recommended for reliable and durable control arms. Regular inspection and maintenance of control arms are also necessary to detect any signs of wear, damage, or corrosion and address them promptly to ensure safe and efficient operation of the vehicle’s suspension system.

48610-60030 48630-60010 control arm LC100

48630-60020/40 GRJ120 KDJ120
48610-60050/70 4000
48630-60010 UZJ100 HDJ100
48610-60030 4700
48630-60030 UZJ200 URJ201
48610-60060 兰德酷路泽
48630-60040 GRJ150 TRJ150
48610-60070 新款普拉多
48630-0N010 GRS182
48610-0N010 皇冠
48610-35040 VZJ9# RZJ9#
48630-35020 3400
48630-0K010 KUN25
48610-0K010 海拉克斯(二驱)
48630-0K040 KUN25
48610-0K040 海拉克斯(四驱)
48630-59085/59125 LS460 USF4#
48630-59095/59135 LS460 USF4#
48610-59085/59125 LS460 USF4#
48610-59095/59135 LS460 USF4#
48066-29025 TRH1# KZH1# LH1#
48067-29025 TRH1# KZH1# LH1#
48066-29075 RZH10# 11#
48067-29075 RZH10# 11#
48066-29225 TRH22#
48067-29225 TRH22#
48068-26160 TRH22#
48069-26160 TRH22#
48066-28050 CM52/6#  YM6#
48067-28050 CM52/6#  YM6#
48605-39015 BB42 BB50 HZB50 GRB53 TRB53
48605-39015 BB42 BB50 HZB50 GRB53 TRB53
48066-29135 CM7/8 LF85  TZF84/85
48067-29135 CM7/8 LF85  TZF84/85
48066-29225 KDH20# TRH20#
48067-29225 KDH20# TRH20#
48069-60010 GRJ120 RZJ120
48068-60010 4000
48069-60040 TRJ150
48068-60040 新款普拉多   (低配)
48069-60050 GRJ150
48068-60050 新款普拉多  (高配)
48640-60020 UZJ100
48620-60020 4700
48068-60030 UZJ200 GRJ200
48069-60030 5700
48068-35081 VZJ9# RZJ9#
48069-35081 3400
48068-35091 北汽路霸
48069-35091 北汽路霸
48069-06140 /48020 ACV4#(0605-)  凯美瑞 ACR30
48068-06140 /48020 GSU35  MCU35 RX300/300/350
48069-06180 ASV50
48068-06180 新款凯美瑞
48069-60030 GRJ200 UZJ200
48068-60030 5700
48068-B1070 KGC1#
48069-B1070   大发
48068-B1020 PASS0  QNC10/RACY MYVI
48069-B1020 PASS0  QNC10/RACY MYVI
48068-BZ010 AVANZA
48069-BZ010 AVANZA



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