31230-35110 clutch release bearing 5VZ

50TKB3508R 31230-35110 clutch release bearing 5VZ VZJ95 3400

31230-71011 31230-60220 31230-60200 31230-60181 31230-60170 31230-60150 31230-60130 31230-60120 31230-53021 31230-52010 31230-37010 31230-36200 31230-36190 31230

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The auto clutch release bearing, also known as the throw-out bearing, is a key component in a vehicle’s manual transmission system. Its main function is to engage and disengage the clutch by applying pressure to the clutch plate.When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, the release bearing moves towards the flywheel, releasing the pressure on the clutch plate. This action separates the engine from the transmission, allowing the driver to change gears smoothly. Conversely, when the driver releases the clutch pedal, the release bearing applies pressure to the clutch plate, reconnecting the engine and the transmission.Over time, the release bearing can wear out due to constant friction and heat generated during clutch engagement. Signs of a failing release bearing include grinding noises when engaging or disengaging the clutch, difficulty shifting gears, or a vibrating clutch pedal. If these symptoms occur, it is advisable to have the release bearing inspected and replaced if necessary to ensure proper clutch operation.

Regular maintenance of the clutch system, including checking the release bearing during clutch replacements, can help prevent premature failure and extend the lifespan of the bearing.

31230-71011 31230-60220 31230-60200 31230-60181 31230-60170 31230-60150 31230-60130 31230-60120 31230-53021 31230-52010 31230-37010 31230-36200 31230-36190 31230-…


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