42431-60311 BRAKE DISC REAR PRADO LC120/150

42431-60311 BRAKE DISC GRJ120 TRJ120 GRJ150 TRJ150 RZJ120 VZJ95 HZJ79 FZJ100 UZJ100 LX470


42431-60311 BRAKE DISC

A brake disc, also known as a rotor, is an essential component of a vehicle’s braking system. It is typically found in vehicles equipped with disc brakes, which are commonly used on both the front and rear wheels.

Proper maintenance and care of brake discs, along with regular inspection, can help ensure their optimal performance and durability. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and replacement intervals.

Overall, brake discs are critical components that play a significant role in a vehicle’s braking system. By providing a friction surface for brake pads, they enable controlled stopping power and contribute to safe and efficient braking.


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