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Ignition Coil (Ignition Coil) is one of the key components of automobile engine ignition system. It plays the role of converting low voltage electrical energy into high voltage discharge energy to supply the spark plug to generate a powerful arc and ignite the mixed gas or fuel.
Ignition coils typically consist of one or more windings, cores, and connectors. As current passes through the windings, a magnetic field forms in the core. Then, when the current stops flowing through the winding, the magnetic field suddenly collapses, causing an instant increase in the voltage in the winding. This sudden change in voltage allows electrical energy to be converted from a low voltage (12 volts) to a high voltage (typically tens of thousands volts) to be supplied to the spark plug.
The high voltage output of the ignition coil is transmitted to the individual spark plugs via the high voltage leads. When an ignition signal is sent to the ignition coil, it initiates the discharge process. A high voltage is transmitted to the spark plug via the high voltage leads, creating a powerful arc between the electrodes of the spark plug, igniting the mixture.
Ignition coils play an important role in the operation of automobile engines. It ensures a reliable ignition and thus a normal combustion. An efficient ignition coil provides a steady arcing energy to ensure engine operation.
Note that different types of engines and ignition systems may use different types of ignition coils. Some modern cars also use a Direct Ignition System, in which each cylinder has its own ignition coil to further improve ignition efficiency and performance.
In conclusion, the ignition coil is an important part of the ignition system of automobile engine. It converts low voltage electrical energy into high voltage discharge energy to produce a powerful arc that ignites mixed gas or fuel. It plays a vital role in ensuring proper engine operation.
IGNITION COIL FOR COROLLA,90919-02258 90919-02252.Factory direct selling.more ignition coil supply.

90919-02265 NCP92  威驰  雅力士1.3
90919-T2005/C2002 ACV4#  凯美瑞  RAV4
90919-02250/C2004 GRS182 GRX122 皇冠/锐志 新款凯美瑞
90919-C2003/02252/C2005 ZRE15#  卡罗拉 雅力士1.6
90919-02244 ACV3#  佳美2.4
90919-02252/C2003 ZZE120  花冠 1.6
90919-02239/02258 ZZE122   花冠1.8
90919-02248/02260/C2005/C2006 GRJ12# GRJ150  霸道4000
90919-02237 RZJ120  2700
90919-02230/02259 UZJ100 UZJ200  4700  5700
90919-02256 GRJ200  ASU40  汉兰达2.7
90919-02255 GSU45 GSV40  汉兰达3.5
90919-02212 VZJ95  3400
90919-02234 MCV30
90919-02246 MCU28 38


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