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Щеткодержатель генератора Toyota / Hino / Hyundai / Isuzu / Lexus


UD01437ABH, UD01442ABH, UD01447ABH, UD01453ABH, 235607, 235690, 0216203020, S273701370, 31105RAAA01, 31105RL0G01, 373682A700, 373682G050, 373683C200, 776071, 8982492450, AHN5607KS, AHN5607MG, AHN5607RH,
AHN5607UT, AHN9607KS, AHN9607RH, AHN9607UT, BHND06, BHND12, 3151685250, 3165679K00, 273700C020, 273700C190, 273700F060, 273700H110, 273700L280, 273700M040, 273700P020, 273700S010, 273700T030, 273700V160, 273700Y150, 2737027060, 2737031220, 2737058460, 27370BZ020, 39-8206, HN5607A, HN5607B, 398206, 327N10011Z, 31105-RL0-G01, 37368-2A700, 37368-2G050, 37368-3C200, 31516-85250, 31656-79K00, 27370-0C020, 27370-0C190, 27370-0F060, 27370-0H110, 27370-0L280, 27370-0M040, 27370-0P020, 27370-0S010, 27370-0T030, 27370-0V160, 27370-0Y150, 27370-27060, 27370-31220, 27370-58460, 27370-BZ020  LAND ROVER Discovery III 2.7 TD TAA 2004- 2720ccm 276DT/
LAND ROVER Range Rover Sport I 2.7 TDVM LS 2005-2009 2720ccm 276DT/
CHRYSLER Sebring 2.7 V6 24V JR 2001-2006 2736ccm EER EES/
CHRYSLER Voyager IV 2.4i 16V RG 2001-2007 2429ccm EDZ EDO /
DODGE Caravan IV 2.4 2001-2007 2429ccm EDZ/
LEXUS GS300 III 3.0 V6 GRS190 2005-2011 2995ccm 3GR-FSE/
LEXUS IS250 II 2.5 GSE20 2005- 2010 2499ccm 4GR-FSE/
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 4.5 TD V8 UZJ200 VDJ200 2007- 4461ccm 1VD-FTV/
HONDA CR-V IV 2.0 RE 2012- 1997ccm R20A/
HONDA CR-V IV 2.0 AWD RE 2012- 1997ccm R20A

We are factory direct sale ,give you factory price, we specialized in supplying all kinds of different auto parts.

Toyota Land cruiser J70 J80 J90 J100 J120 J150 J200

hilux Vigo Revo 1KD 2KD 1GD 2GD…

Hiace …

Nissan Patrol Y60 Y61 Y62 T30 T31…Navara Tiida Qashqai NV200

Mitsubishi L200 Pajero V31 V43 V73 V77 V97 V93 CU4 NA4 H77

Honda Subaru Suzuki … Pickup & SUV.

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Guangzhou Juxian Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Add:Guangyuan east road 11-5,Guangzhou,Guangdong,China

Whatsapp: +86-13662498572

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Email:791504902@qq.com             More parts

  1. Engine parts: Fuel injector, spark plugs, air filters, gasket kit, piston, piston ring water pump, rod, main, oil seal timing kit, belt, tensioner and more.
  2. Chassis parts: Such as control arm, drive shaft, proper shaft, hub bearing, brake master, Clutch disc, Clutch Cover, brake pad and more.
  3. Electrical Components: ignition coil, sensor, fuel pump, VVT-I, alternators, starters, switch, and more.
  4. Suspension and Steering Parts: Steering pump, Steering rack, knuckle, Tie rods, ball joints, shocks, struts, bushing and more


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