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Cluth disc 31250-60280 for HZJ79 1HZ J80 60223

Cluth disc 31250-60280 for HZJ79 1HZ J80 60223

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31250-60280 Clutch plate means the part used to transfer and cut off the connection between engine power and transmission. It is usually made of friction materials, such as special alloys or organic materials. The clutch plate realizes power transmission and separation through the resistance generated by friction.
The clutch plate is typically disc-shaped and is mounted between the clutch pressure plate and the flywheel. When the driver depresses the clutch pedal, the clutch plate is pushed away from the flywheel by the pressure plate, cutting off the power transmission. When the driver releases the pedal, the clutch plate contacts the flywheel again, allowing power to be transmitted.
Because clutch plates are subject to high temperatures, pressures, and friction during operation, certain durability and thermal stability are required. Suitable clutch plates provide good friction and reliable transmission while reducing wear on other vehicle components.
Clutch plate is an important part of automobile clutch system, which plays an important role in ensuring smooth shift and driving comfort. Different types and sizes of clutch discs may be used for different models and make of vehicles. When maintaining and replacing the clutch plates, they shall be carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer or professional technician to ensure the best match for safety and performance.
Cluth disc 31250-60280 for HZJ79 1HZ J80 60223

Model / Engine OEM NO.
1RZ 31250-26160
5R 31250-36131
4M-B 31250-22072
12R-B 31250-28012
2T 31250-12133
LJ5M-B 31250-30210
2A 31250-16031
4K-C 31250-27092
3T 31250-29021
4K-B 31250-22022
2Y.2R 31250-30280
2E 31250-10060
4S 31250-32024
2C 31250-12163
5M.2L 31250-36072
3F 31250-60080
2E,2T 31250-14010
5M.2L 31250-30232
2T.2E 31250-14090
1W 31250-60273
3L 31250-26180
1C 31250-32050
2C 31250-12270
3SG 31250-20250
22R 31250-14160
3L 31250-20171
G-G 31250-35180
4S 31250-20270
3B 31250-36190
13B 31250-36410
3F 31250-12070
2B.3B 31250-36080
2L 31250-0B010
2A 31250-12040
4K 31250-27020
5K 31250-12081
IS 31250-14141
12R 31250-28011
2Y(4T) 31250-30330
3T 31250-22100
1G 31250-14020
3Y 31250-30380
4Y 31250-36171
22R 31250-36171
BB2 31250-36081
3B 31250-36113
13B 31250-36401
EH100 31250-37011
14PR 31250-55043
2D 31250-55047

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