43212-0K030 KNUCKLE STEERING 432110K030

43212-0K030 KNUCKLE STEERING 432110K030


The steering knuckle refers to an important part of the suspension system of the front wheels of the car, which helps to steer and control the direction of the vehicle. In a conventional suspension system, each front wheel has a steering knuckle.

The steering knuckle usually consists of several key components, including the steering pin, pin seat, rod head and ball pin. The steering pin is connected to the frame of the vehicle through the pin seat, while the rod head is connected to the steering lever or steering mechanism. The ball pins connect and roll, allowing the steering knuckles to rotate smoothly and transmit steering force to the wheels.

When the driver turns the steering wheel, the steering bar transmits the steering force to the steering knuckle through the steering mechanism. The knuckle then rotates and, through the linkage of the rod head and the ball pin, generates enough force to cause the wheel to steer. In this way, the vehicle can change the direction of travel according to the driver’s instructions.

In addition to the steering function, the knuckle also needs to have a certain structural strength and durability to cope with the challenges of road conditions and the stresses of vehicle movement. Therefore, the steering knuckles are usually made of high-strength materials to ensure their reliability and safety in a variety of driving conditions.

In short, the steering knuckles play a key role in the suspension system of the car, they rotate and transmit force to achieve the steering function, helping the driver to control the direction of the vehicle.

More knuckle for toyota supply.

43212-60170/ 60200 GRJ120 RZJ120
43211-60170/ 60200ore 4000
43212-60240 GRJ150 TRJ150/152 GRJ158 URJ150
43211-60240 最新款霸道 15年5月–
43212-0K010 KUN15
43211-0K010 海拉克斯  2驱
43212-0K030 KUN25
43211-0K030 海拉克斯  4驱
43211-KK010 最新款海拉克斯 REVO 15年后-
43212-KK010 最新款海拉克斯 REVO 15年后-
43201-60020 UZJ100  FZJ100 HDJ100
43202-60020 4700 LX470
43212-60190 UZJ200 UZJ201
43211-60190 5700
43212-06230 ACV4#  ACV51  ASV50
43211-06230 凯美瑞、新款凯美瑞
43211-58010 ACV30  03.07-
43212-58010 佳美2.4
43212-02200 ZRE15# ACA3#
43211-02200 卡罗拉
43212-19015 ZEE122  ZRE120
43211-19015 花冠
43212-0E020 ASU40 GSU45
43211-0E020 汉兰达 2.7  3.5
43202-0N010 GRS182.GRX122
43201-0N010 皇冠
43212-0R010 ACA3#
43211-0R010 RAV4
43212-0D190/200 NCP9#
43211-0D190/200 08威驰 雅力士
43212-0D270 NCP15#  NSP15#
43211-0D270 14年威驰 雅力士
43212-0D030/0D040/52040 AXP4#
43211-0D030/0D040/52040 威驰


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