84306-0K120 CABLE SUB-ASSY SPIRAL hilux


  • Toyota Fortuner, GGN155, GGN165, GUN155, GUN156, GUN165, KUN156, KUN165, LAN155, TGN156, TGN166, TGN168
  • Toyota Hilux, GUN112, GUN122, GUN123, GUN125, GUN126, GUN135, GUN136, KUN112, KUN122, KUN125, KUN126, KUN135, KUN136, LAN125, TGN110, TGN111, TGN120, TGN121, TGN126, TGN128, TGN136, TGN138
  • Toyota Innova, GUN143, TGN140
  • Toyota Yaris

The steering wheel clock spring is an important component of the steering wheel that acts as a bridge between the control buttons and sensors on the steering wheel and the vehicle’s electrical system.
CABLE SUB-ASSY SPIRAL for hilux,your vehicle deserves high quality parts and accessories.The lower steering wheel coil is a rolled device made of conductive material, usually located between the steering wheel and the steering column. It is designed to allow the steering wheel to rotate freely while transmitting electrical signals such as horn, cruise control, volume control, adjustment of the dashboard display and other functions.The coil under the steering wheel contains a set of small wires or cables that are twisted or unfolded with the rotation of the steering wheel through a special structure to maintain the continuity of the electrical connection. It allows signals to be sent from control buttons and sensors on the steering wheel to the vehicle’s electrical system, and can provide power and ground wires continuously while the steering wheel is rotating.

843060K120   84306-0K120   84306-06180 12 CAMRY
84306-09020 12CAMRY
84308-06060 18CAMRY
84306-02190 COROLLA
84306-02200 COROLLA
84308-F4080 14COROLLA
84308-02150 19COROLLA
84308-02170 19COROLLA
84306-0D021 COROLLA
84306-60080 PRADO
84306-60090 LC100
84307-02300 14COROLLA
84307-08020 塞纳
84307-0D100 14VOIS
84307-0E170 15HIGH LANDER
84307-0G050 PRADO
84307-0G090 18PRADO
84307-0N040 CROWN
84307-0R060 RAV4
84307-60140 LC200
84307-76020 CT200
84307-F4130 CH-R

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