A stabilizer link, also known as a sway bar link or anti-roll bar link, is a component of a vehicle’s suspension system. Its primary function is to connect the sway bar (also called stabilizer bar) to the suspension control arms or struts.

The sway bar is designed to reduce body roll and improve stability during cornering by transferring load from one side of the vehicle to the other. It helps maintain proper weight distribution and prevents excessive leaning or tilting. The stabilizer link plays a crucial role in this process by transmitting the forces between the suspension components and the sway bar.

Typically, a stabilizer link consists of a metal rod with ball joints at both ends. These ball joints allow for movement and flexibility while maintaining a secure connection. Over time, due to regular wear and tear or exposure to harsh conditions, the stabilizer link may develop play, corrosion, or breakage. When this happens, it can result in clunking noises, excessive body roll, unstable handling, or uneven tire wear.

Replacing a faulty stabilizer link is usually a relatively straightforward task, but it may require specialized tools and equipment. If you suspect an issue with your stabilizer link, it is advisable to have a qualified mechanic inspect and replace it if necessary, ensuring the suspension system operates optimally and contributes to a safe driving experience

48820-35030 VZJ9#
48810-60040 GRJ120 RZJ120  GRJ150
48820-60050 4000 新款普拉多
48820-60032     带两个小胶的 FZJ100 UZJ100
4500 4700
48802-60050 FZJ80
48810-60051 GRJ200 UZJ200
48820-60071 5700
48810-60060 5700 高配
48820-06060 ACV4#  ACV51 ASV50
48810-33080 GSV40  ACV40
48820-33080 凌志ES240  ES350
48820-28050 MCV30  GSU45 ACU40 ACR30
48820-0E010 佳美2.4 汉兰达
48810-33010 MCV20 SXV20
48820-33020 97佳美
48820-33010 MCV10 SXV10 VCV
48820-02080 ZRE15# ACA3#
48820-42030/02080(粗杆) ZRE15# ACA3#
卡罗拉 RAV4
48820-47010 ZZE122  ZRE120
花冠  新花冠
48810-0N010 GRS182 GRX122
48820-0N010 皇冠
48819-52010 AXP4# 14威驰
48820-0D030 NCP9# ZSP9#
08威驰 雅力士
48820-0E010/28050 GSU45 ACU40
48820-28050/0E010 汉兰达 佳美2.4
48802-0E020/48010 ASU55 GSU55 新款汉兰达 凌志RX270/350
48803-0E020/48010 ASU55 GSU55 新款汉兰达 凌志RX270/350
48810-20020 ST191
48820-20040 ST191
48810-28020 TCR10
48820-28030 TCR10
48820-22041 JZS155
48815-60180 GRJ120  RZJ120  霸道
48830-35020 VZJ95
48830-60030 RZJ120 GRJ120
48802-60090 UZJ100  4700
48802-60060 FZJ80
48802-60100 UZJ200  5700
48830-06050 ACV4#
48830-48010 ACV30 GSU4#  ACR30
48830-0E020 佳美2.4 汉兰达
48803-0E020 ASU5#  GSU5#
48802-0E030  新款汉兰达
48830-33010 MCV VCV10
48830-0N010 GRS182
48830-0R020 ACA3#
48840-42010 ACA21
48830-42010 ACA21
48817-0R030 RAV4  VZJ95


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