37110-60B70 propeller shaft land cruiser GRJ200

37140-60550 FRONT
37140-60560 FRONT
37140-60570 FRONT
37110-60B60 REAR
37110-60B70 REAR


The term “auto propeller shaft” typically refers to the driveshaft or propshaft used in automotive vehicles. Here are some key points about this component:

Function: The auto propeller shaft is responsible for transmitting torque from the vehicle’s transmission or transfer case to the rear axle or all-wheel drive system. It allows for the rotation of the wheels, propelling the vehicle forward.

Construction: The propeller shaft is a tubular component made of steel or aluminum. It consists of a series of universal joints or constant velocity (CV) joints at each end to accommodate the rotational movement and changes in angle between the transmission and the axle.

Length and Design: The length and design of the auto propeller shaft vary depending on the vehicle’s drivetrain configuration. In rear-wheel drive vehicles, the propeller shaft connects the transmission to the rear axle. In front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicles, it connects the transaxle to the front wheels, while in all-wheel drive vehicles, it transfers power to both the front and rear axles.

Balancing: Propeller shafts undergo precision balancing to minimize vibrations caused by rotational forces. Imbalances can lead to driveline vibrations and cause damage to other components.

Maintenance and Repair: Regular maintenance includes checking for signs of wear, lubricating the universal joints or CV joints, and inspecting for any damage or misalignment. If there are issues such as worn joints, damaged shafts, or excessive vibrations, the propeller shaft may need to be repaired or replaced.

Safety Considerations: When working with the auto propeller shaft, it is important to follow proper safety procedures. Always ensure that the vehicle is securely supported and the transmission is in park or neutral with the parking brake engaged before attempting any repairs or maintenance.

The auto propeller shaft plays a critical role in transferring power from the transmission to the wheels, enabling the vehicle to move. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs are necessary to ensure optimal performance, drivability, and safety on the road.


37140-60410  FR
37140-60380 FR
37110-60A20 REAR
37110-60B90 REAR
37110-6A610         UZJ100
37140-60460        UZJ100
37140-60520        UZJ100
37140-60440       UZJ100
37110-6A030       FZJ100
37110-6A050       FZJ100
37110-6A620       FZJ100
37110-6A630       FZJ100
37110-6A320      FZJ100
37140-60550 FRONT
37140-60560 FRONT
37140-60570 FRONT
37110-60B60 REAR
37110-60B70 REAR
3400 VZJ95
37140-35190  FR
37140-0K030  …


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