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spark plug 90919-01210 for TOYOTA CAMRY RAV4


A spark plug is an important component in an internal combustion engine and is used to ignite a mixture of gas or fuel. It is usually mounted on the cylinder head of the car engine.

The spark plug consists of a metal shell, a center electrode, a side electrode and an insulator. The metal housing is responsible for securing the spark plug to the cylinder head and acting as a heat dissipator. There is a certain gap between the center electrode and the side electrode to produce high voltage arc discharge.

When the engine is working, the spark plug creates a spark by electric shock, igniting the mixture in the cylinder. When the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke, the ignition system sends a high voltage current to the spark plug, causing the gap between the center electrode and the side electrode to arc. This arc will ignite the mixture, causing combustion to occur, which will push the piston down to perform the working stroke.

The performance of the spark plug is crucial to the operation of the engine. A good spark plug ensures reliable ignition and combustion, providing stable power output and fuel economy. However, spark plugs can also be affected by factors such as carbon accumulation, wear and aging, and need to be inspected and replaced regularly.

In car maintenance, the choice of spark plug should be determined according to the requirements of the engine and the use environment. Different engine types and performance requirements may require different types of spark plugs.

In short, the spark plug is an important component of the internal combustion engine, responsible for igniting the gas mixture or fuel, and driving the engine. It plays a key role in engine reliability and performance.

90919-01210 火花塞*SK20R11
90919-01253 火花塞*SC20HR11
90919-01247 火花塞*FK20HR11
90919-01191 火花塞*SK20HR11
90919-01178 火花塞*PK20R11
90919-01164 电阻 火花塞*K16PR-U11
90919-01176 电阻 火花塞*K16PR-U11
90919-51188 銥金 火花塞*ZXU
90919-01249 三爪 火花塞*FK20HBGR11
90919-01192 两爪 火花塞*K16TR11
90919-01194 两爪 火花塞*PK20TR11
90919-01198 两爪 火花塞*K20TR11
90919-01230 三爪 火花塞*SK20BR11
90919-01221 三爪 火花塞*SK20BGR11
90981-20013 疝气灯泡


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