31170RB0J01 TENSIONER GM2/36 GE#

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tensioner, also known as a belt tensioner or timing belt tensioner, is a component used in various mechanical systems to maintain the proper tension in a belt or chain. It is commonly found in engines, automotive systems, and other machinery where belts or chains are used to transfer power.

The purpose of a tensioner is to apply the appropriate amount of force on the belt or chain to keep it tight. This helps prevent slippage, excessive vibration, and premature wear on the belt or chain, ensuring efficient operation and longevity of the system.

Tensioners typically consist of a pulley or roller connected to an arm or spring mechanism. The pulley or roller applies tension to the belt or chain by either pushing against it or by being pulled away from it. The tensioner is designed to maintain the optimal tension regardless of temperature fluctuations, load variations, or belt/chain stretch over time.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the tensioner is important to ensure proper functioning. Over time, tensioners may wear out, lose their tensioning ability, or develop issues such as bearing failure. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the tensioner to avoid potential damage to the system or belt/chain failure.

It’s important to consult specific guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for your particular application to ensure the proper installation and adjustment of a tensioner.



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