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2320939075 for TOYOTA FUEL INJECTOR 23209-39075

GENUINE OEM 2320939075 TOYOTA INJECTOR ASSY,FUEL 23209-39075 23250-31060

Ignition Coil (Ignition Coil) is one of the key components of automobile engine ignition system. It plays the role of converting low voltage electrical energy into high voltage discharge energy to supply the spark plug to generate a powerful arc and ignite the mixed gas or fuel.
Ignition coils typically consist of one or more windings, cores, and connectors. As current passes through the windings, a magnetic field forms in the core. Then, when the current stops flowing through the winding, the magnetic field suddenly collapses, causing an instant increase in the voltage in the winding. This sudden change in voltage allows electrical energy to be converted from a low voltage (12 volts) to a high voltage (typically tens of thousands volts) to be supplied to the spark plug.
The high voltage output of the ignition coil is transmitted to the individual spark plugs via the high voltage leads. When an ignition signal is sent to the ignition coil, it initiates the discharge process. A high voltage is transmitted to the spark plug via the high voltage leads, creating a powerful arc between the electrodes of the spark plug, igniting the mixture.
Ignition coils play an important role in the operation of automobile engines. It ensures a reliable ignition and thus a normal combustion. An efficient ignition coil provides a steady arcing energy to ensure engine operation.
Note that different types of engines and ignition systems may use different types of ignition coils. Some modern cars also use a Direct Ignition System, in which each cylinder has its own ignition coil to further improve ignition efficiency and performance.
In conclusion, the ignition coil is an important part of the ignition system of automobile engine. It converts low voltage electrical energy into high voltage discharge energy to produce a powerful arc that ignites mixed gas or fuel. It plays a vital role in ensuring proper engine operation.
GENUINE OEM 2320939075 TOYOTA INJECTOR ASSY,FUEL 23209-39075 23250-31060

1001-87A10 Toyota
1001-87F90 Camry
23209-50080 Toyota land cruiser
23250-0C020 Toyota  hilux
23250-0C050 Toyota  hilux
23250-0H060 Camry
23250-0P010 Toyota
23250-0P050 Toyota
23250-0P060 Toyota
23250-0P100 Toyota
23250-0S020 Redwood
23250-0T020 Corolla
23250-0T050 Corolla
23250-0V010 Toyota
23250-0Y040 Toyota
23250-03010 Toyota
23250-11120 Corolla
23250-15040 Corolla
23250-21010 Toyota
23250-21020 Toyota
23250-21040 Yaris
23250-21100 Camry
23250-22020 Toyota
23250-22020 -2 Toyota
23250-22090 Corolla
23250-23020 -1 Toyota
23250-23020-2 Toyota
23250-23020-3 Toyota
23250-28020 Camry
23250-28050 Jiamei
23250-31050 Toyota
23250-31060 Toyota
23250-31080 Toyota
23250-31100 Toyota land cruiser
23250-38050 Toyota
23250-46080 Crown
23250-46120 Toyota
23250-47030 Toyota
23250-50030 Toyota
23250-50040 Toyota
23250-50080 Toyota land cruiser
23250-66010 Toyota land cruiser
23250-70120 Toyota
23250-74170 Toyota
23250-74200 -1 Toyota
23250-75080 Toyota
23250-75090 Toyota
23250-75100 Toyota
23250-76020 Toyota
23250-97204 Toyota
23250-97401 Toyota
23250-97401-2 Toyota
23250-F0020 Toyota
23250-YWG01 Toyota
195500-3020 Toyota
195500-3170 Toyota
195500-3310 Toyota
297500-0120 Toyota
297500-0460 Toyota
0280158295 Toyota
23250-0P090 Toyota
23250-28030 Toyota
23250-28070 Toyota
23250-31020 Toyota
23250-31030 Toyota
23250-46140 Toyota
23250-16150 Toyota
23250-16160 Toyota
23250-20010 Toyota
23250-70020 Toyota
23250-70100 Toyota
23250-74040 Toyota
23250-74080 Toyota
23250-74100 Toyota
23250-74140 Toyota
23250-75050 Toyota
23250-75060 Toyota
23250-76010 Toyota
23250-76020 Toyota
195500-5700 Toyota
23250-62030 Toyota
23250-31070 Toyota


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